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Precast Columbarium

Our Precast Columbarium

     We offer a large variety of product options when it comes to the manufacturing of our columbarium niches. Columbaria are an important aspect of any cemetery and we are here to provide the highest quality product from start to finish. Our columbarium design and manufacturing team are here to assist you in the process from initial design concept through the completion and installation. We are capable of creating a wide range of products in a large assortment of styles and sizes. We will work with your specific space, size, and requirements in order to provide you with the best, most cost effective product for your application.

International Precast Inc. has years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing a number of custom designed columbaria. Our design and engineering team will work with your to create the custom design you require. We are able to provide the highest quality and most efficient precast concrete solution for any type of columbaria application.

Why do you need a Columbarium?


     The Cremation Association of America Has stated that they anticipate that amount of people choosing cremation for their loved ones of themselves, over traditional burial, will rise to over fifty percent by the year 2025. This has created an increased need for a place to house the remains of your loved ones. Columbaria provide a secure place that will provide peace of mind and honor your loved one. We are able to help provide this aspect of cemetery supply.

Columbarium Niche Sizes


     Our columbarium are available in a variety of niche sizes to meet your specific needs. The most common columbarium niche size is 12x12x12. The inside measurement offers approximately 1,500 cubic inches. A common sized columbarium provides enough space to hold 2 large urns. Slightly smaller niches are also available.


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Quality Service, Quality Product


     All of our products are manufactured in the United States in our manufacturing plant. Located in North Carolina, we have been creating high quality columbarium products for over 30 years. We are devoted to creating products that are of the best quality, made from highest quality materials. Our customer service and sales team is unmatched in the industry with its attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our high quality team is only matched by our high quality product and service. Our product is created to last, unlike some products available to purchase overseas. We will see the process through from design to installation and make sure you are 1oo% satisfied with your overall experience.

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